Geotechnical studies

Geotechnical studies

We offer different services in geotechnical evaluation. We intervene, in particular, in the study and the realization of drilling works, the installation of monitoring wells, soil stratigraphy and description, etc. You can also count on us for inspection and monitoring of civil engineering works. We can also analyze the results of various tests taken on site (concrete tests, compaction, etc.).

Our technicians remain focused and answer all your concerns for your satisfaction.

Why a geotechnical study?

The geotechnical study is a fundamental step in a construction project and all types of development. This method makes it possible to determine the nature and the precise characteristics of the subsoil. Using specific equipment, we drill into the soil to assess the bearing capacity and its seismic classification. Thanks to our skills, the work will be carried out safely. Thus, you will have the guarantee of the durability of your future constructions.

A good geotechnical study is your assurance of a good budget evaluation of the construction project as well as a sustainable construction.

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