Soil decontamination

Soil decontamination

After having confirmed the presence of a contamination with an environmental characterization phase II and delimit the contamination in surface and depth with an environmental characterization phase III, environmental rehabilitation works are recommended for the soil decontamination.

Enviro-Experts uses two methods of soil decontamination, either in-situ or ex-situ. The ex-situ remediation technique (excavation of contaminated soil) is:

The in-situ remediation technique (without the excavation of soil) is done by creating access points through wells, needles or pits to promote a circulation of fluids in the contaminated zone by pumping or injecting water, air or reactive products. The treatment could be done by bio-ventilation, sparging, injection of chemical oxidants or bio-treatment by bacteria.

The choice of decontamination method depends on several parameters:

We are on the lookout for new environmental technologies and we are developing them in collaboration with the « Centre Eau Terre Environnement-Institut National de Recherche Scientifique ».

Our advantages:

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Soil decontamination and excavation of contaminated soil in Montreal