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Our expertise? Engineering and environment

ENVIRO-EXPERTS is a company that specializes in environmental management, engineering services, energy efficiency and development of new environmental technologies. We offer our services for individuals, real estate brokers, real estate developers, insurance companies, cities and municipalities, Public Works and Government Services Canada and financial institutions.

Environmental management services in the Montreal area

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Environmental site assessment

Enviro-Experts conducts Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 environmental site assessments as required.

Soil decontamination

Two methods of decontamination are proposed depending on several parameters. By the excavation of the contaminated soil or soil treatment without excavation.

Geotechnical studies

A fundamental step in any construction project and all types of development. We offer various services in geotechnical evaluation.

Building material quality control

Quality control and testing of building materials during residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Underground tanks

Dismantling all types of underground tanks. The work is performed under certain guidelines following all procedures related to the removal.

Asbestos materials

Safe removal of materials containing asbestos such as vermiculite, stuccos, plasters and others.

Mold management

Mold development can contribute to poor indoor air quality in buildings and in some cases may affect your home foundations and structure.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring on residential, commercial, industrial or institutional sites, according to standards criteria.

Energetic efficiency

Implementation of energy efficiency solutions that reduce and / or intelligently manage the energy consumed.

I have been working with Enviro-Experts since 2012, we have collaborated on several projects throughout Quebec. The entire Enviro-Experts team has shown great professionalism and the efficiency of their work and the quality of their service have greatly satisfied me in addition to very competitive prices. I highly recommend them.

Jean Francois Carrière

I had the opportunity to work with the company Enviro-Experts on several issues: soil test phase 1 and 2, asbestos management, vermiculite and mold. Employees of Enviro-Experts have demonstrated important professional qualities and high efficiency. They offered us a superior service and a better respect of deadlines. In addition, my clients appreciated their politeness and patience. That's why I'm pleased to strongly recommend Enviro-Experts services

Line Tremblay, Real Estate Broker